FAQ's are like a rolling stone. They'll just keep getting added here if we get asked the same question more than once. Congratulations to all the questions that made it. This is a huge accomplishment in a questions life.


Q: When will I get my order?
A: Don't you hate it when you get an answer starting with 'It depends'? Well mate, "It depends"...

If in Ontario or in Canada: we use expedited parcel service through Canada Post, and it's usually next business day or two.

On Canada Post's site it says 1-9 days just to keep this response legit. But we're finding that customers are receiving their orders from us within next business day or two.  

International Orders: Canada post says 6-10 business days. Check out Canada Post's handy guide for shipping turnaround time here

But know that your product is packed up with love and ready to leave the building within 24 hours of your order on a business day. If you order on a weekend, know that the following Monday, we promise we got you covered.

Q: I chose the Free PICK-UP option  since I'm in the 'Toronto Downtown Area', what happens after I made my order?
A: Great question! We get your awesome product ready for pick up and someone within 24 hours (From 1 business day of order received) will contact you via email to let you know that it's ready for pick-up. Uncle Peter's has partnered up with a convenient vendor 'SM Signs', a print and shipping service store located on 982 Bloor Street West (North West Corner of Bloor and Dovercourt Rd.)

'SM Signs' (Printing and Banner Store)
982 Bloor Street W.
M6H 1L1

Hours are:

Weekdays- 9AM - 9PM
Saturday- 10AM - 6PM
Sunday- Closed

If you want to get in touch with someone right away, you can email us directly at info@unclepetersman.com or call Chris at 647-379-8512


Q: What exactly is a Face Oil?
A: Some people refer to it as a serum (popular in women cosmetic terms). But think of it as a highly concentrated formula that is a pure oil base without the extra fillers like waxes, no aqua-based ingredients like water, but instead the key ingredients that usually is a small % in general face 'creams' or 'lotions'. We believe that Face Oils are the way to go on treating your skin because you're putting on the key ingredients, without the extra fillers we feel you don't need. You're getting the real properties and nutrients that you want, directly on your skin! We like getting to the point.  Check out our blog here to learn more about using face oils.

Q: Your 3PETE product- is it a Face oil or Beard oil?
A:  It's both. The hero carrier oil ingredient we use in our 3PETE product is Argan oil, followed by Golden Jojoba oil. It's premo stuff for skin AND hair. The properties of Argan oil has been used for centuries in Morocco as a miracle oil to treat skin and hair, due to its high level of fatty acids, omega 3, and vitamin E. This is serious goodness for both skin and hair treatments, hence The 3PETE really can do it all.  Argan oil absorbs very well into skin pores and hair shaft, without leaving a greasy film. That's why we praise it and put it in our bottles. Nothing less than the highest quality for our skin guys!

Q: Can I use the 3PETE oil on my shaved head or scalp?
A: Absolutely. The skin on our scalp is just as important as the skin on our face to keep healthy.  The skin on our scalp dries out too (you know dandruff). The 3PETE is an excellent moisturizer for scalp and don't worry it will not clog your follicles. Just use a little, and don't go crazy with it. ;)

Q: I'm a Woman. Is the 3PETE oil right for my skin too?
A: YES! Women LOVE our products. In fact, many of our customers are women users, who has also fallen in love with our products too! If you're stealing your MAN's Uncle Peter's products, awesome you, just don't get caught, unless he's the sharing type. :D

That's all the FAQs we've got going on right now.

- Uncle Peter's Team