Your dad may have taught you how to shave, but Uncle Peter told you didn't have to. Sometimes he was clean shaven (usually only at funerals, or grandma’s birthdays), and sometimes he sported the relaxed scruffy perpetual five o’clock shadow - with just the mildest scent of sweet bourbon. But then most days, he’d show up rockin a full-arse beard.

Uncle Peter's was discovered when a dude named Brian would always tell side-splitting stories to friends about his Uncle. In the last 14 years, Uncle Peter would then become an indirect influence in many random life events and decisions. One thing remained true- Uncle Peter left a MAN with no regrets (Only just a few you can live with).

In 2014, Uncle Peter's MAN was born in Toronto, Canada. A no-nonsense, natural, non-toxic skincare line for today’s modern and urban MAN.

At Uncle Peter's, we believe that keeping things simple is the way to go, that less can definitely be more when quality rules, and that animals shouldn’t ever have to suffer for MANkind. We’re really glad you’re here.

Our native eagle emblem is a symbol that represents great strength, courage and leadership. Respecting our land and our environment is part of our product integrity, and our company values. The geometric circle around the eagle is a reminder for us that we are surrounded by earth's natural properties, and our responsibility to respect, and utilize the gifts given to us.

So who’s Uncle Peter? He’s everyones Uncle. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. Thanks for dropping by.

Stay cool.

Humble Founders,
- Young & Chris