Movember and Why You Should Participate

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It’s that time again. The leaves have changed their colours (the ones left on the trees, as well as the ones clogging my gutters), the wind is getting cooler, and I’ve cultivated the best facial protection against the elements man can achieve: a beard. With my furry coat of follicle armour, the dropping temperatures are nothing but a minor inconvenience to my mug. But, alas, my manly mask of warmth will not be around for long, because it’s now November, and its time for a shave. Not a trim, not shaping, but a full on shave. By the time you read this, the past month’s growth will be replaced by my sun-deprived, smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom-face.

Why? Movember, that’s why.

Movember’s founding history all started as an excuse for a group of Australians to grow silly moustaches for a month. No joke. Movember all started in Adelaide, South Australia, in a pub. It didn’t really become the charity we know as now until 2004, in Melbourne, Victoria, where 30 men grew moustaches for 30 days to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, and depression. It spread throughout the world around 2006, and had raised over $95 million as of 2012. An amazing charity success story that still continues.

Charity reasons aside, why would I (or any self-respecting man, for that matter), trade a magnificent mane for a thin line of fur? Well, it’s kind of fun. Having a silly growth on your pucker is good for a laugh every time you look in the mirror. It’s a good opportunity to try out styles you would never consider in your day to day life. Feel like going biker? Try the handlebar! Want to reach out to your former art student self? Go for the Dali! The point is, you’re expected to look a little goofy, so you kind of have carte blanche to go full on Magnum P.I.

 Another great reason to participate in Movember is the comradery. With millions of men around the world growing their mo’s, you are very much not alone. There’s all kinds of moustache themed parties all month, and the ladies (Mo Sisters) can get in on the fun, too! Having a fledgling moustache growing on your face is a great way to say “I care about my health, my future, and I’m confident enough to look ridiculous for it” Believe me, all your Mo bros will be giving you the subtle head nod as you walk by, and you’ll meet all kinds of new, fuzzy lipped friends.

If you’re worried about keeping your moustache looking fresh, there are tons of great products out there to help, just make sure you’re not neglecting the rest of your face as well. If you want the whole skincare package, Uncle Peters’ MAN and The Northern Beard Company have teamed up for a good cause to give you the Movember Essentials kit. For a limited time in the month of November you get your choice of The Northern Beard Company’s amazing moustache waxes to keep your whiskers in line, and our very own best seller, The Double Duty Soldier Scrub to make sure the rest of your face stays smooth and polished.  A special discounted  price for $35 with 10% of all sales will be donated to Movember Canada Foundation.

So let go of your beards, and embrace its skinny cousin, the moustache, this month. It’s for a cause that unfortunately affects us all, and we can support in many ways to help. Check out the limited time Movember Essentials Kit here!


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