An End to a Season. Hello to Fall.

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There’s change in the air. The flowers are wilting, squirrels are harvesting nuts, and pumpkin spiced everything is on the horizon. Tanks and shorts are being replaced by Halloween costumes on shopping lists. Kids are back to school, and pool-hopping is only left to the extremely brave (and inebriated). Soon, the empty P.B.R. cans will all but be gone from our city’s fair parks, and patios across this great nation will be closing their sun-faded umbrellas. It is with a heavy heart, buried under a cardigan, that I admit summer is over.

But the end of the most beloved season is not something to mourn. In fact, fall is pretty awesome! For the foodies, its harvest season. This means tons of great local produce at the farmer’s markets everywhere. Pies and stews are making their way back to our kitchens, and you can eat as much of them as you want, because you’re not showing off any beach body for a good 6 months. Also, I’m pretty sure that thick wool Fair Isle sweater is more than forgiving enough to hide the extra helpings of bread pudding (with bourbon caramel sauce, oh yeah).

There’s also the sports. It’s officially okay to skip out on church Sunday afternoon for the N.F.L. We all know that’s where most of the praying goes on, anyway. Baseball is in full swing, and Hockey is just a few weeks away. It’s still warm enough to get outside and run around in a rec league, but not swelteringly hot enough to reduce you to a pool of sweat on the field. Fall is a great time to be active, get active, or simply watch other people be active, while you eat chicken wings and nachos.

The shift in seasons offers a great opportunity to change up your look. With the temperature dropping, why not let your razor fall to the ground as well? A beard is the only accessory a man’s face needs, and lower temperatures are a great excuse to grow one. There are even charities, such as Movember, that give you a valid reason to let those whiskers flourish. Just remember, if you travel the furry path, there is maintenance involved. With great beards come great responsibilities. Groom it, moisturize it, love it. Or don’t. There’s nothing wrong with the clean shaven look, either. Whichever face you put forward, make sure you keep it moisturized, because, unlike those October evenings, dry, flaky skin is not cool.

While summer is great, there’s no doubt about that. But it doesn’t mean that the other three seasons suck. Sure, the sun sets earlier, and it gets colder by the week, but there is still fun to be had aplenty. So as the weekend getaway plans change from the cottage to the ski slopes, remain stoic. After all, change brings new growth, and hot apple cider is delicious.


- Uncle Peter

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