With Father’s Day around the corner, it would be negligent of me not to go for the obvious, and write about the first men we all meet in life, our Dads. Whether he was strict, tough, handy, or gentle, chances are he’s the guy you wanted to be like as a little kid. Of course, this probably all changed when those teen years hit, and rebellion seemed like a pretty cool concept. Still, he probably gave you your first beer, and taught you how to drive (hopefully not immediately in that order). So here’s to all the Dads out there, in all of their proud, and sometimes embarrassing, glory!

One of the hardest parts about growing up is the inevitable realization that your parents are not, in fact, the infallible gods your adolescent self thought them to be. They make mistakes, maybe even lie a bit, and eventually grow old. The good part of this is that as you reach adulthood, there’s an opportunity to change your relationship with those that brought you into the world. It can feel strange, but at some point parents become friends, albeit sometimes annoying ones who constantly think their advice is helpful or even welcome. It’s one of those subtle changes you don’t even realize, like when you go back to your grade school and can’t believe how small everything looks. You never really notice that you are the one growing. For your parents, it’s almost the opposite. They never really seem to believe how much we grow up, but have no problems taking credit for all the awesomeness that we are.

The whole “friends with parents” part usually comes when you’re living out on your own. That’s when you realize that the fridge needs to be filled with food, that the laundry is not, in fact, magically done by the laundry fairy. It’s around this point in life that you realize exactly how much your parents did for you, and how much the little things made a difference. It’s with this sentiment that we celebrate Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, because parents can be pretty amazing.

So, how do we give back? With moms, bouquets of flowers, a nice card, maybe even a trip to the spa. But for Dads? That’s a bit tougher. He’s had a lifetime to build his tool collection, and there’s not much of a chance that high tea and roses are up his alley. So why not something functional and personal? There’s actually been a boom in men’s grooming products and stores catering to a more refined market, as opposed to the usual metro-sexual fare. Safety and straight razors, brushes and shaving kits in general are great gifts that can last a lifetime, if properly maintained. Also, there are multiple options for different shave soaps, face washes, scrubs, and moisturizers. If you don’t want to go a la carte, there are numerous gift sets out there, too. Uncle Peter’s MAN offers some great ones, including their 3Pete face and beard oils, which work as an aftershave, moisturizer, and beard conditioner. Why not pamper the old man a little bit? Chances are, you’re a big reason why he has wrinkles in the first place. However, most of these probably came from laughing and smiling.



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