Spring Refresh into Change- The Case for Face Oils Instead of Creams

Spring has finally arrived, as much as it ever does, in Canada. Yes, those sunny, beautiful days that fool you into thinking a sweater will do in the morning, only to be surprised by a snow storm in the afternoon. It’s these few months in between winter (s@#t!), and summer ( F- Yeah!), that really brings home the fact that mother nature can be a cruel, heartless vixen.

But SPRING transition doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It’s a great time to refresh yourself, get back to your beach body, and get that haircut, whatever. I’m talking about Spring Cleaning! Typically, this means putting away all the winter gear, and tidying up all the pizza boxes you’ve accumulated in the attempt to leave the warmth of your home for the frigid hell of -40 degrees Celsius as little as humanly possible.

Spring Cleaning can also be applied to you, not just your house, or car (although you really should get the road salt washed off).  It’s a great time to clean up your health, and lifestyle altogether. Maybe go through with those New Year’s resolutions you promptly forgot as soon as February made its departure. Clean out all the junk food in the fridge, and toss away all the shower products with all the unpronounceable ingredients. Why not make the move to natural skincare now?

Face creams in the history of grooming and cosmetics have been around forever. Its ease of use and malleable application is practical for daily use for hydration and moisturizing purposes. Until recently, creams were pretty much the only option for men.

Now, however, face oils and serums have been rising in popularity. I’ll give you a quick breakdown on why I think they are the better choice.


First off, a few facts about creams. Creams are made with a mix of aqua base (Usually water), and some type of oil or wax. The percentage of oils (the stuff that actually does the magic) used in a cream is typically fairly low. Wax bases are used usually to help emulsify, and to create a specific texture for the right application on the skin. The downside is that the wax can act as a natural barrier to the skin itself, keeping all the good oil properties you really want, harder to get to. So basically as a trade-off to achieving a velvety smooth application of a cream, it blocks most of the important ingredients (all of those rich nutrient oils), of getting to the epidermis of your skin.


Face oils, (or think natural-based serums in typical women’s lines), cut out all the fillers, leaving just the straight goods of oils. Because there is no barrier, they’re easily absorbed into the skin. Also, because of the higher concentration of active ingredients, a little goes a long way. If you are worried about or have oily skin, don’t fret. Most of the natural products on the market for male grooming (such as Uncle Peter’s MAN ‘THE 3PETE’, ahem) are balanced with the skin’s natural sebum, leading to healthier skin altogether.

The 3PETE face oils we make are made mainly with cold- pressed Argan oil, which is loaded with vitamin E. We also use Jojoba oil, an amazingly hydrating ingredient.

 So in the spirit of seasonal changes, don’t be scared to try out a Face Oil and see + feel the different results for yourself!


Uncle Peter


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