V or D-DAY, Valentines Day, AKA Dreaded Day

The good thing about February is there’s something for both sexes.  For the guys, we’ve got the Super bowl (and yes for ladies just as much!) . For some ladies, it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s almost here. 

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t guys out there who get just as excited about this Hallmark-made day of romantic overkill, but in general it’s something most men in relationships dread. It’s because expectations have been set so high by the Hollywood sappy factory known as the movie industry, that unless you cover her entire apartment with roses, have multiple bottles of champagne, and, of course, a metric tonne of chocolate-covered organic strawberries, you are, in fact, an asshole who “just doesn’t get it!”  

For all the single guys out there, Valentine’s Day (shouldn’t that be a four letter word?) can be a sad reminder of just how alone you are.  I mean, you can’t go half a city block without running in to at least three heart shaped somethings, and if you don’t order a cinnamon spiced latte at Starbucks, well, it’s time to start buying cats.  The truth is, you’re the lucky ones. No need to make a reservation at a restaurant that will definitely be overbooked, no need to hunt for that “perfect” card like an Italian pig searching for white truffles, and you get to buy all the discounted chocolate on the 15th. You, my friends, have dodged a bullet, or, cupid’s poisonous, infectious, arrow.  

For those of us who should be committed (sorry, I meant in a committed) relationship, fear not the nefarious V-word.  There is hope. First, remember it’s only one day long, and although the backlash from a botched attempt at embracing your inner Don Juan might last a few (like twelve) months, it is just ONE DAY. Second, She, (or he), is with you for a reason.  If you make a terrible, horrible, cringe-worthy mess of the whole thing, I’m sure you’ll be forgiven in the long run, as good intentions deserve some credit.  Third, if nothing creative, inspirational, or downright romantic comes to mind, there’s the guaranteed to please, sure fire failsafe every MAN has up their sleeves- take them shopping. 

Sometimes, you just need help to pull anything off.  Some of us have a hard enough time dressing ourselves like adults, let alone planning the romantic event of the year!  You can always reach out to lifestyle coaches like Steve with Change Of Plans (www.changeofplans.ca) These guys offer seminars on improving every element of your life, from diet and nutrition, all the way to confidence issues, and confidence is sexy.  Their next series of events, the “Lift” event, is scheduled for this spring, looks to be a good one.  

Speaking of confidence, your appearance can help a lot on this front. Remember, clothes make the man, but a MAN wears the suit! If you spend too much time fussing with your tie, you’ll miss that incredibly hard to get reservation you had to sit by the phone for a month straight. SIMPLE is always better! Whatever you wear, (make sure it’s clean),  remember to take care of your face too.  Its winter (at least it is here, in Canada), and the cold does a number on anything exposed for, oh, a few seconds?! Scrub that dry, flaky skin off, then moisturize, you heathen! Uncle Peter’s MAN THE 3PETE , an 'everything face oil' is always a quick, easy option, which takes literally under twenty seconds to apply. If you don’t have the time for that, you’re already so far behind the eight ball, that ordering a pizza and watching Netflix together might just be the only option you have left. Not a bad date, on any of the other 364 days of the year, but you're taking a hefty risk my MAN.  

You got this. 


Uncle Peter 




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