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One of our first retailers that reached out to us in our first month in market, back in November was This Little Piggy Shop, a boutique specializing in baby cuteness of all things, located in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood at 1594 Queen Street West.

Our first reaction in owner Faye’s interest for carrying our products – was huh? But she looked at me straight in the eyes and said “I’m building a serious daddy shelf in my shop. Hip, cool and quality products for the modern Dad to come in and shop for himself, and also let their baby mama’s and wives shop for them too”.

And off she went selling our Uncle Peter’s MAN natural skincare products in her shop and has been re-ordering ever since, because her customers are LOVING it!

We all know that customer reviews are awesome. It helps us make feel-good decisions when you're taking into account someone else's experience before you take the plunge and buy. There are good reviews and there are GREAT reviews. One of Faye’s customers liked the DOUBLE DUTY SOLDIER SCRUB so much, they wanted to submit a review on her blog as they felt it deserved one. We felt it deserved to be re-blogged on our site too, so here you go.

Thanks 'Rory' whoever you are. All we know is that you're a ‘no-frills’ kind of guy, who values great quality in your skincare products and now in our books, you’re an honorary Uncle Peter's MAN and we can’t thank you enough for taking time to share your experience of our products with everyone else.

In Rory's words :

“I’m a fairly no-frills guy.  I think no-name coffee tastes just as good as the fancy stuff.  My dollar store earbuds sound just fine.  I carry a flip-phone.    But when it comes to cosmetics my inner diva comes out.  I won’t cheap out or accept anything short of top tier.  That’s why Uncle Peter’s Man Double Duty Soldier Scrub, sold at This Little Piggy, has become my new face wash — it pampers my face like nothing I’ve ever tried and does it by keeping things utterly simple…”

Read the rest of his review on their blog:


Thanks MAN.


Uncle Peter

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