The mind of Uncle Peter: Measures of MAN

Here’s a bit of a rant, but, keep with me.

So, we started this company to help people. We wanted to offer a healthy alternative to skin care for men, but that’s not our end game. We want to work towards a better world. So, we leave the smallest footprint we can put on the planet we live in. How can you do that in a modern world, though? It’s a hard question. Well, here’s my half-cocked answer… BE NICE!

Now, I know that doesn’t sound like anything that will help the environment. You know what, it won’t. But, it’s a start. Here’s why. If you start to care about the people around you, you might start to care about the environment they live in. It’s about caring for your fellow MAN, and I use that term loosely. By MAN, I mean people in general. Here’s the thing, we all think about ourselves first. It’s time for a change and what better time than the holidays I say. It always brings out some ‘nice-ness’ in the meanest, even if once a season.

Last week, I was on the subway. There were these kids, (I’m gonna say around 15 yrs. Old), who would not give up their seat for an older woman. I automatically stood up, and gave away my seat, because that’s what my mother taught me (Be more mindful toward others). I didn’t do it to get any gratification, it’s a value what I was taught. The woman in question was very happy, and was gracious. After that, those same kids were visibly uncomfortable. They learned from that. One simple act of kindness, taught a group of people what it might mean to be a gentleman, not entirely, but a bit.

That’s the sentiment. Being a gentleman is not about acts of kindness, it’s about altruism. Being a proper MAN is about sticking to your moral guns. Living by your principals, is vital. Consider it a code, in which you need to follow, otherwise you falter!

If you can live like that, as a MAN then you can understand the importance of the surrounding environment. Then, you can really start to care.

Stay true,

-Uncle Peter

P.S. Show someone you care this Holiday by letting them know about The 3Pete face, beard and aftershave in one! Offer them a healthier alternative, that starts from what you put on your body (That goes into your body) Be nice.

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