A Press Release is Better Late than Never. (Well, Maybe)

Uncle Peter’s MAN Launches in Canada

A multi-purpose natural skincare line made for the modern man. A straightforward, healthier and honest skincare line tailored for busy men.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Uncle Peter & Folks Inc., a new Toronto based company for natural skincare has launched in October, unveiling a premium line of non-toxic, natural skincare products tailored for men. Committed to supporting more awareness and education of toxic based chemicals in everyday products, Uncle Peter’s MAN was created to provide a healthier skincare alternative that is produced with high performing natural based formulations, which are simple to use with each product made with multi-purpose usage in mind.

“There is a growing market for men, who now want more choices in healthier, natural skincare products that provide a no-fuss regimen for the busy professional. Personal care is now part of healthier life-style choices, not just vanity” says Young Lee, Founder of Uncle Peter’s MAN. “Women are one step ahead demanding safer ingredients in their cosmetic choices, but men too are starting to demand the same alternatives in their skincare as more awareness about safer ingredients continue to grow”

“Every morning, I get excited to use these products. I love the way it smells and feels on my skin, and I’ve never been into face products until now. I’m a big fan of what Uncle Peter’s is all about, I really like their brand and I feel good knowing that I’m choosing a healthier choice, plus my wife is happy about that.” says Donny Mangos, Realtor, customer.

The Uncle Peter’s MAN lineup:

All Uncle Peter’s MAN products are made in small, hand-crafted batches using the finest, natural based high performing ingredients and formulations.

The 3PETE Face | Beard | Aftershave in one. Made with premium Argan oil, high in anti-oxidants and vitamins to nourish the skin and facial hair. A no-fuss all in one skincare regimen. Comes in 2 scented proprietary blends of essential oils the ‘416’ for warm and woodsy folk and ‘647’ for the bright & citrus fans.

The DOUBLE DUTY SOLIDIER SCRUB Exfoliate | Shave. This is the ultimate scrub and shave use. Made with hemp seed oil, and brown rice cane sugar blend, and provides a hydrating polish to rid of dry, flaky skin, followed by an incredible razor shave for the skin.     

The BAR face and body soap is planned for release in late November.

Our company values and principals can be found here


Uncle Peter’s MAN products will never contain: Parabens, Phthalates, DEA and DEA Compounds, Synthetic colours or fragrance (Parfums), Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Propylene glycol, Mineral Oil or Artificial colours

About the Company:

In 2014, Uncle Peter MAN was born in Toronto, Canada. A no-nonsense, natural, non-toxic skincare line for today’s modern and urban MAN. www.unclepetersman.com

At Uncle Peter, we believe that keeping things simple is the way to go, that less can definitely be more when quality rules, and that animals shouldn’t ever have to suffer for MANkind.

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