We've launched! Natural Skincare Line for Men. Made in Canada! Woah.


When we dreamed of making this company come to life several years ago, it came from the deepest most sacred place- the heart.

We genuinely wanted the people we deeply cared for (our friends & family), to stop using personal beauty and skincare products, that were filled with toxic, questionable ingredients. We were angry that so many of us had been trusting these big branded companies our whole lives! And of course we all trusted them- because the average person did not know much about this highly unregulated cosmetic industry, nor had the in-depth knowledge or education about the harmful ingredients in our everyday products. 

So we all just went on with our lives. Slathering all kinds of cosmetic creams, skin products and such with no idea what our body was consuming daily and its harmful effects.
While we became more aware and educated on understanding these product ingredients, we became obsessed with finding healthier alternative products that would allow us to make better choices. In the last several years, we saw a swing of newer, natural based products come to market. It was exciting! AND as well, many of the big brands started eliminating a few of the hormone disruptive ingredients out of their bottles and updating their formulas with healthier alternatives. It was a start for higher awareness for both consumers and manufacturers alike, that there was indeed demand from the public.

But... the men's natural alternatives were still a bit slim. In Canada alone, it was harder to get hold of some of these newer natural brands that our neighbours in the U.S had more access to.

So here we are now - Uncle Peter's MAN, a Canadian company that was born with our hearts in the right place: To offer men a better and healthier choice with superior products that we whole heartedly believe in.

A skincare company that came first from genuine passion that fueled us to do something better and secondly from the heart because we genuinely LOVE what we do! There is no greater job when you can stay true to your values- The principal of creating responsible, quality, performing products that are healthy and safe.

Our dream has finally come true. A BIG HELLO CANADA and HELLO WORLD!

Thank you for welcoming us into your lives. We hope you will love our products as much as we do.

Much love,

-Young & Chris

Founders of Uncle Peter's MAN







Well hello there Ingrid!
YES we finally have our holiday bundle gift packs available. Check it out under Products list :) Thanks for reaching out!

Posted by Uncle Peter on November 27, 2014

will you do a holiday bundle?

Posted by ingrid on November 05, 2014

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